V3 and Haiti Outreach will be working on an IDB funded water supply development project on the island of La Gonave. This includes a full-time presence on the island for nearly eight months!  We have officially mobilized and have started work. The work includes water well testing, well rehabilitation, aquifer analysis, community development and establishment of community water supplies for up to 30 areas on the island. We are excited to work with the people on La Gonave and with the folks at DINEPA.

Our team applying Geophysics on La Gonave


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  1. Roy Crystal says:

    I will be working with Eno Mondesir of the Agape Health Team In Haiti and La Gonave from July 24-August 2 2010 in Anse-a-Galets. The team sets up a medical clinic in this village. Dr. Mondesir is talking with a community group in this community about water supply and there may be a meeting set up on July 24 or 25. We should certainly coordinate! I work for the Environmental Protection Agancy and have a background in water supply protection, having worked for the Mass. Division of Water Supply. My cell phone is 339-223-6553 and email is above. My home phone is 781-861-1518, and work phone is 617-918-1745. Are you working with Dr. Mondesir and his community contacts yet on this issue? Will you be targeting Anse-a-Galets for well development work? I certainly do not want to interfere, simply to help and facilitate your efforts in any way possible. I am also a photographer and can possibly document work you may be doing. Please let me know if we can coordinate – let me know who and how to contact your people on the ground on La Gonave perhaps to join the meeting on July 24 or 25 –

    contact infor for Dr. Mondesir –
    his cell: 617-513-9360

    Eno Mondesir, Ph.D.; MPH
    Agape Global Health Ministries
    P.O. Box 200040
    Boston, MA 02120

    Roy Crystal

    34 Grapevine Avenue
    Lexington MA 02421

  2. Roy Crystal says:

    The email address for Dr. Mondesir of the Agape Health team is “MondesirMPH@aol.com”


  3. waterhaiti says:

    Hi Roy – Sorry for the late reply, to get us quicker my email is jadamson@v3co.com.

    We are mobilizing now for our work and won’t be on La Gonave for a few weeks. We coordinate all of our water work on the island with DINEPA and the La Gonav water platform, so that all activities are coordinated and their aren’t any duplicated efforts. Give me a call when you return at 630 – 742-6836, we should definitely touch base. Right now the Anse Galets water supply is run and maintained by the WISH group, Anse Galets has the best water system on the island right now so we are not focusing too much on that town. Our work will be all over the rest of the island, the western portion of the island has the lowest water availability index in the world – the geology is does not promote much water out there.

  4. Brian K Johnson says:

    I am a member of a Chyrch in North Palm Beach florida. We have befrended a longtime Haitian minister of a center for Haitians in Palm Beach Councy, who comes from, and takes supplies periodically to La Gonave for his village of Deux Balleine du Nord. The people of his village currently must walk many miles for water from a neighboring town becasue their well was damaged in the Earthquake. We would like to help Jaques to get a well repaired, or a new one drilled for his town. Jaques is not very strong with english language, and also sufficiently knowledgable about well repair and drilling to give us a beleiveable estimate and plan of how the well will be repaired or drilled and what the total cost will be.
    I am contacting you for some direction as to how we can progres towards the goal of providing water for Deux Balleine Du Nord. Can you give us some advise and possibly a contact or two with an engineer and or a drilling comapany on La Gonave?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Brian K Johnson.

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